Black Hat Sessions

The Black Hat Sessions (BHS) is Secura's annual security conference. Conceived fourteen years ago as an afternoon occurence to share knowledge, it has grown into a successful event in the world of IT security. The informal atmosphere, the interaction with speakers and delegates and the diverse schedule have been appreciated for years by both IT professionals and management.

On the June 29th 2017 Secura hosted the 15th edition of BHS, it was an exceptional day with a lot of enthusiastic particpants, inspiring talks, good conversations and a very positive vibe. Thanks to our +400 participants, sponsors, media partners, congres4u and of course the speakers, for their contributions. We hope you all enjoyed it. Please visit for more information.

Curious about what to expect, or want to look back on previous editions? See below for previous editions' Aftermovies for a brief overview.


Aftermovie Black Hat Sessions Part XIV "Mobile (In)security"

On the 23rd of June 2016, Secura hosted the Black Hat Sessions Part XIV (Dutch only). Mobile devices, mobile communications and the Internet of Things offer limitless opportunities, which we all gratefully embrace. There is, of course, a flip side to all this convenience. During the fourteenth edition of the Black Hat Sessions, national and international experts offered insights into the hazards and opportunities provided by mobile technology. We are please to look back on a very successful event.

Aftermovie Black Hat Sessions Part XIII "How secure is (IT in) the Netherlands?"

On the 18th of June 2015, Secura hosted the Black Hat Sessions Part XIII (Dutch only). An impressive 400 delegates gathered for the day to be updated on subjects relevant to this year's theme: how secure is (IT in) The Netherlands? Several national and international speakers offered information on, among others, vital Dutch infrastructure, DDoS attacks, SCADA systems, ERPsystems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). This year's keynotes were provided by ir. Eric Luiijf of TNO and Hans de Vries, head of the NCSC.

Aftermovie Black Hat Sessions Part XII "Intelligence Services, Espionage and Privacy”

On June the 17th 2014, Secura hosted the Black Hat Sessions Part XII (Dutch only). The theme of this twelfth edition was: Intelligence Services, Espionage and Privacy. Alongside the keynote sessions by Marietje Schaake, MEP-D66, and Wilma van Dijk, director of Cyber Security for NCTV, the schedule consisted of several parallel tracks to enable the 350 delegates to take part in interesting programme regardless of their background, whether technical or non-technical.

We look forward to seeing you at a future edition!


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