Security Testing

Reviewing the security of your IT environment is a custom service. Secura will work with you, taking into account your specific desires and the components that are vitally important to the running of your business. We use various methods to investigate the technical security risks of your (web) applications and IT infrastructures. In doing this, we will take into account your organisation's public profile and the damage cybercrime could do to your reputation.

We record the outcomes of the security test in a clear report with a concise management summary, an extensive risk analysis for each outcome and recommendations on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

Security testing assessment

Strong walls alone are not enough in times of siege. A healthy dose of ingenuity is equally important in the fight against breaches in your IT environment. No matter what industry your organisation is in. Testing of security often focusses on highly technical material for which our consultants are specially trained. Secura aids your organisation in being one step ahead of undesirable attackers. We do this by performing a vulnerability assessment (security test) or penetration test (pentest) among others.

In doing this, our consultants use a wide spectrum of testing options and investigation methods. The results of their assessment allow you to optimally secure your organisation against digital crime.

Common IT security risks are SQL-injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF). You may have heard of it, but how does the technology behind it work? And more importantly: how best to guard against these dangers? Watch the cyber security series made under the former name Madison Gurkha (in Dutch) for a short and concise explanation.


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