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Our Advisory & Audit auditors and consultants are all qualified, specialized and certified in various areas of information security. Our Advisory & Audit services focus on specific questions from our customers in the field of digital security. These questions may relate to demonstrating compliance with regulations, assessing the quality of the security, providing insight into shortcomings and improvement measures, as well as advice in the broadest sense. Our auditors and consultants not only have insight into the technology, but also at the other important facets of security: People, Process and Organization.

Our Advisory & Audit services consists of three parts namely:

Assurance Services

Certified IT auditors, including RE (Register EDP Auditors) and CISAs carry out investigations in accordance with the relevant audit assurance standards of the NOREA and ISACA. These include the NOREA Directive 3000 and 3402 and the ISACA Standards for IS Audit and Assurance.

For more details and fact sheets, check our dedicated section on assurance services and cyber security compliance.

Assurance-related Services

With use of standards frameworks and frameworks our consultants and auditors also studies aimed at determining the quality of security and management measures and the identification of any shortcomings. Because we have no overall assessment there is more space for specific recommendations. Assurance-related jobs are in order by the customer about specific activities or assessments.

Advisory Services

The Advisory Services of Secura is a broad concept. It may relate to the support of CISO, supporting organizations in preparation for the certification against standards as the ISO 27001, but also advising on the processor agreement with a cloud service provider to meet the GDPR.

For more details and fact sheets, check our dedicated section on Privacy - GDPR.

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