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Secura can support with security assessments covering many dimensions of the consumer IoT ecosystem. The security of these products can be assessed in line with internationally recognized publications, ensuring an assessment which takes into account all the various security relevant aspects (ex. Hardware, operating system, applications, interfaces, authentication/authorization, etc.).

For such assessments, Secura makes use of an IoT security assessment framework, resulted after overlapping the security requirements of state-of-the-art publications such as the IoT Security Foundation Framework, IEC 62443, OWASP IoT Testing Guide and the GSMA IoT checklist (part of the GSMA IoT Security Assessment suite). This framework provides a holistic approach on security assessment, by including requirements addressing hardware (physical) security, operating system and application, interfaces, cloud and mobile connectivity, or process specific requirements such as life cycle or privacy. The framework can be tailored in many ways, addressing the specific needs and wishes of the customer. Specific focus areas (e.g. hardware security, interface and protocols, etc.) can be verified individually, by extracting the relevant requirements of the above mentioned standards. At the same time, the selection criteria can be focused more on a particular publication itself or a group of publications (e.g. an assessment demonstrating compliance with the IoT Security Foundation Framework and the GSMA IoT checklist at the same time). Finally, the framework is designed to follow a risk based approach, such that the relevant requirements for the particular use-case of the product will be selected and used.

From a compliance perspective, demonstrating that your product’s security follows the internationally recognized requirements of publications such as the IoT Security Foundation Framework, GSMA IoT checklist, UK Consumer IoT Code of Practice or IEC 62443 can represent a strong market advantage. Secura can also support you in obtaining official recognition of your product’s security. We can support you in obtaining the IoT Security Foundation Best Practices certification, by following the requirements of the IoT Security Foundation Framework.

For more details regarding the services focused on Consumer IoT security, please refer to the dedicated page.

Secura IoT security Lab Services

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