Development and Tools

Secura developed a series of comprehensive tools, which may be of interest to others too. We offer these as SAAS and/or as on premise solutions. We have for instance developed the following tools:

  • Secura File Exchange
    Through Secura File Exchange files can be transferred between users on the internet and internally in a simple and secure manner! Read more about our file exchange tool.

  • Secura Backdoor Detector
    Secura Backdoor Detector is a toolset that allows the end user to detect unexpected routes from one network (e.g. a secure network) to another network (e.g. the public internet).  Read more about this rogue asset detection tool

More information?
Contact one of our experts on +3140 990 2377 or send an e-mail to, to identify your needs and come up with a solution that seamlessly integrates with your question.

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