Technology sector case studies

Secura supports organisations in technology sector in the area of IT security. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot present you with a list of our clients. To offer an overview of our clients' experiences, you will find some examples of anonymised examples of technology companies who were able to elevate their IT security with our help. Specific references are, of course, available on request.

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International technology company (AEX)

Project: Black/Grey box security test internal application
Target: Windows client/server application

This organisation purchased a Treasury Management System. Although the supplier involved boasts good references, our client nonetheless decided to have Secura execute a security review, to considerable success. During the black box test it quickly transpired that it was possible for any of the (thousands of) users on the internal network to transfer random amounts of money to random bank accounts. The report we delivered provided our client with sufficient justification to have the supplier adjust the system and resolve the issues. Both organisations are now capable of handling a higher level of security for this system.

International technology company (European branch)

Project: Black box security test of a Flash game
Target: Flash

This international technology company relies heavily on online marketing to sell its electronics to consumers. The company had a game developed for a marketing campaign that allowed visitors to win prizes by achieving high scores. An assessment revealed that the score was easily manipulated and the possibility of abuse could not be excluded. Upon this conclusion, the game was adjusted and additional measures were put into place to safeguard fair gameplay.

Global technology company (AEX)

Project: Design Review
Technologie: -

This organisation developed a new product that requires solid IT security. To guarantee good uptake of IT security from an early stage of the project, the organisation developed a list of IT security requirements. In order to ensure these were clear and complete, this developer asked Secura to review the security documentation and, where necessary, correct and add to it. Although the IT security had been carefully considered, we were able to make some additional suggestions that were subsequently taken into account during the development stage. IT security is, after all, not an afterthought; developments in the field of information security are so fast moving that a retrospective security assessment or penetration test simply does not suffice.

International research institution

Project: Training Applied Hacking
Technologie: -

This Asian organisation comparable to organisations like TNO wanted to train a number of its staff members in the area of technical IT security. Secura designed a custom training course based on our experience, effectively training this organisation to conduct its own security assessments. In this three-day Applied Hacking training course, which we hosted in Asia, we went into network, system, and application testing.

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