DigiD audit

Do you, as an organisation, make use of DigiD? Then you are required to comply with the security regulations as established by the government. You are required to show annually, through a security assessment conducted under oversight from an EDP registered auditor, that your DigiD environment is still compliant with these guidelines.

Technical and procedural audit

The government ICT security guidelines consist of a technical and a procedural component, both of which must be tested annually. Secura can conduct a complete DigiD audit for you to comply with the requirements.

Secura's consultants will test the web applications and IT infrastructure. We also conduct the policy and procedural audit within your organisation. This audit is always conducted under the responsibility of an EDP registered auditor.

The final reporting is according to a prescribed, standardised model.

Good to know

  • Secura is actively involved in the establishment of the auditing method and in conducting test audits;
  • Secura has excellent working relations with involved parties, such as KING, Logius, and NCSC;
  • Secura has extensive experience conducting DigiD audits for different organisations, such as local government, government ministeries, executive organisations, healthcare establishments, healthcare insurers, etc.

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