Hack in the Box 2017 - Win a free conference ticket!

UPDATE:  We have two winners of the free Hack in the Box tickets! But it doesn't stop here for you!!
Wow, that went great! We are extremely pleased to announce that we have two winners of the free Hack in the Box tickets! We had a great response but it doesn't stop here. In fact, we have decided to prolong the challenge, and throw a third ticket into the challenge. And not only that, there will be smaller prizes also, such as Arduino's and other gadgets. If you send us your solution, you will automatically enter our raffle for the third ticket and the smaller prizes. The challenge closes on Wednesday April 5, at 17:00 CET. Winners will be announced the next day. So don't sit back, get cracking on that challenge!

 One of our winners is:
Nickname: Mastho
Hacking team: khack40
Twitter: https://twitter.com/khack40

 I'd like to go to HitB because conferences/speakers looks great and technical

As the largest independent security consulting firm in the Netherlands, Madison Gurkha has always had a long standing relationship with the security community. Besides our own Black Hat Sessions we are always present in some form at Hack in the Box. This year we have decided to sponsor HitB. We are very excited to announce that we will have a booth at the conference, and will be actively recruiting security professionals. If you such are a professional, and would like to have a chance at winning a FREE CONFERENCE TICKET, we hereby invite you to participate in our CHALLENGE!

Download the following FILE and crack the key(s). Please email your solution before April 12, 12:00 at the latest, to challenge@madison-gurkha.com. We have two tickets available, they will go to the first two correct, full, solutions of the challenge. If no solutions are found by anyone, we will select the two best entries.

A second challenge (mini-CTF) will also be run at the conference booth itself so if you are already attending, please feel free to drop by at our booth, and crack our challenge. We will have a range of cool hacker gadgets to give away to participants in this mini-CTF.

We hope to see you there, happy hacking!!

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