Partners of Secura

IT security is more than technology alone. Secura has come together with a number of partners in compliance and risk management, integrated application security, privacy, IT- and internet law and certification.

Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten

In order to correctly merge information security and privacy within your organisation, it is necessary to take into account a complex spectrum of technical specifications, organisational implementation of the measures and the legal framework conditions which, when implemented well, will serve to enhance each other. In collaboration with our partner Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten we are able to assess the privacy, security, organisational and legal aspects of your IT in a single integrated process. For more information please see our factsheet.

SIG :: Software Improvement Group

De Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Software bugs are frequently responsible for IT security incidents and hacks. To be able to offer you the greatest possible reduction of risk, Secura has teamed up with Software Improvement Group (SIG). As a single team, we provide an integrated approach combining attacks, such as those that might be conducted by a hacker, with an in-depth analysis of architecture and source code. This approach allows us to discover bugs hidden within the code, as well as bugs that are almost impossible to find without hacking an application. For more information please see our factsheet.


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