Red Teaming

Offence is the best defence. Cybercrime, industrial espionage or any other kind of breach of IT systems is always unexpected and the hackers behind it don't work according to the testing manual. You can prevent all this by going on the attack, along with Secura.

Red Teaming Plan of attack

With Secura in the role of attacker, you can discover how well prepared your organisation is for real cybercrime. You decide, in consultation with Secura's consultants, against which components of your digital business you would like to employ a Red Teaming assignment.

Subsequently, our consultants will go on the attack and attempt to make off with your crown jewels in any way possible. Depending on the target, Secura will use a mixture of offensive and testing techniques, such as social engineering, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), penetration testing internal networks, attacks from the internet, etc.

Red Teaming is a precision instrument; the outcome will demonstrate how vulnerable or well defended your organisation is against targeted attacks. This will enable you to take additional defensive measures and raise the IT security awareness of the organisation as a whole.

We will record the outcomes of a Red Teaming assignment in a clear report with extensive risk analysis and recommendations on all levels.

Resources about Red Teaming

For more detailed information regarding our offered services in terms of Red Teaming, please check our Red Teaming factsheet and dedicated whitepaper Threat Intel Based Ethical Red Teaming.

Click here for a brief report and the recordings of the Red Teaming session by Neal Conijn, Senior Consultant Red Teaming & Intelligence at Sosecure and Roy Duisters, Senior Security Specialist at Secura, during Secura's annual security conference Black Hat Sessions Part XVI on June 14th, 2018.

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