The Rogue asset detection tool

Secura Backdoor Detector is a toolset that allows the end user to detect unexpected routes from one network (e.g. a secure network) to another network (e.g. the public internet).

Data protection involves securing the network to ensure sensitive data remains inside of the network. To prevent data exfiltration, it is important to ensure the secure network does not contain any 'backdoors'. Users within this network can, on purpose or by accident, create backdoors. For instance, a user might need internet access within the secure network and uses a VPN, Proxy or Mobile Hotspot to enable this. Or some peripheral that needs to be accessed from multiple networks by accident creates a route from one network into another. Or a rogue device is hidden inside the network.

Why Secura Backdoor Detector?

The security measures within the network can become severely undermined by both configuration mistakes as well as users that, possibly without overseeing the consequences, create their own connections. Or the network is infiltrated and a rogue device is put in place. Not all of these connections will be permanent. For that reason, it is important to regularly scan the network for unexpected connections. Secura Backdoor Detector is a toolset that can continuously scan a network and detect connections towards another network (e.g. the internet).
Main Features:

  • Detect unintended (or malicious) backdoors
  • Double check firewall settings
  • Double check network segmentation
  • One time check or continuous scanning
  • Notification in case of an unexpected connection


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