Black Hat Sessions 2018 - Keynote Next Steps in Policy in the Netherlands and EU by Michel van Leeuwen

Below you will find a brief report by Guus Beckers, Security Analyst at Secura, of the keynote "Next Steps in Policy in the Netherlands and EU" by Michel van Leeuwen, Head of the Cybersecurity Policy Department, National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. Here you will find the link to all brief reports and recordings.

At the end of the day on June 14th 2018, Michel van Leeuwen, head of the Cybersecurity Policy Department at the Ministry for Security and Justice in the Netherlands informed the audience about the latest developments in governmental cybersecurity policies. Michel kicked off his presentation with a few facts and figures to set the stage. Hacks of various parties have been in the news during the past few years. The Sony hack of 2014 as well as multiple DDOS attacks and the outage of Maersk in 2017 have all left their mark. The Netherlands occupies a unique position in this regard. Its citizens are among the most internet literate populations in the world. More than 90% of the Dutch households own at least one computer and use internet banking services while 95% of Dutch teenagers use social media on a regular basis.

The new cybersecurity agenda 2018

The new cybersecurity agenda reflects these very facts.

In IT there is a special place for a public/private alliance between security companies and the government as well as sectors that are vital to society’s well-being such as healthcare industry and municipalities", stated by Michel van Leeuwen

A couple of protective measures have already been taken to safeguard EU member states. Among them are the GDPR, stipulating additional privacy controls for EU citizens as well as the NIS directive, which enables cooperation on standards of cyber security between all member states.

The keynote continued with an overview of global bodies in which the Netherlands participates. The Netherlands is starting to develop certification systems, van Leeuwen hopes that these certifications will be used on a global scale. Another important global initiative is the United Nations where The Netherlands takes part in a discussion of norms with other member countries which might not behave in the same correct manner. It is important however to keep taking part in these discussions to prevent cyber incidents.

As van Leeuwen ended his keynote he reiterated that there will be invested in a more resilient infrastructure, and stronger European/global platforms to combat cybercrime on different levels.

Recording keynote Next Steps in Policy in the Netherlands and EU by Michel van Leeuwen

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