International Women's Day #IWD2018

Is Information Security solely a man’s world? Honestly yes, it is however definitely worthwhile to join for women according to Antal van Kolck, Service Line Manager Security Assessments at Secura. With a double masters in Applied Physics and Management of Technology she is not afraid of a technical challenge. As manager of more than 30 technical Security specialists she knows how to hold her own!

Positive role models and personal coaching are the best methods to increase the number of women in IT Security. Even today it is seen as a “boy-thing” to be interested in coding, IT security and gamification. We need girls to embrace their abilities and recognize all opportunities available to them from a young age.

For Antal it was daunting to step into a very male-dominated world, however she is happy she did. “We execute large red teaming assignments and perform complex security assessments, improving the security posture of The Netherlands and beyond, which makes me proud and grateful. The field is so much fun and developing so fast, women should step in and join the fun! At Secura we would love more women with a technical background to join the company"

So ladies, let International Women’s Day inspire you to get your geek on and join the fun.

@ Secura 2020
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