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Blog post 2017-08-11 by Mr. Drs. R.M. Renate Verheijen, Legal & HR Counsel Madison Gurkha

Hacking is a true passion within Madison Gurkha. The passion to find vulnerabilities within the IT systems (hardware-, software- and network systems) of our clients by breaking into these systems often brings out the feeling that hackers are some sort of mysterious, shady and lonesome presumably dangerous species. You don’t want to argue with or mess up with them and keep a safe distance to them as you might never know what to expect. After all, who could possibly enjoy to show the weaknesses of others?

Our IT security consultants and advisers help protect our clients' digital assets
Allow me to adjust this image of hackers. Most employers strive for employees to perform at the best of their abilities, capacities and skills. From HR perspective, we want to bring out the best in our employers and create an environment where they can develop and learn constantly and excel in what they do best. The question is how can we create a working environment that stimulates and motivates them to reach for excellence? First of all you would try to create a business culture that reflects an employee attitude to have a steep curve of learning ability and the ambition and personal drive to learn, listen, discover, experience and adapt in order to achieve what they would like to be able to. In order to achieve this we believe that regardless the different years of obtained experience there should be a professional respect for junior-, medior-, senior- and principal/director level all alike. At Madison Gurkha we are convinced that juniors are equally important as seniors or principals and that they can learn a lot from each other.

We emphasize that working in multidisciplinary teams consisting of diversity in professional levels and the absolute respect for each professional level generates a working environment where it is fun and absolute safe to learn mutually from each other. Career opportunities are not based upon the fact that a hacker outnumbers the other by his or her technical and or social skills but by their ability to develop and to stimulate the learning curve of their team mate(s). Hackers are fond to share their knowledge, ideas and perspectives with their fellows. Personal excellence can only be achieved by the passion to serve clients with the best of their combined knowledge and creative abilities.

Our IT security consultants and advisers help protect our clients' digital assets. Their aim is to help to secur(e) a client’s digital data. This is why our dear colleague and respected consultant, still in the beginning of his career, was able to hack the commando truck of the Dutch fire brigade at the #SHA2017 event at Zeewolde, Netherlands. See the photos of SHA2017 on our Facebook page. It is one of the many examples of our company culture aimed to serve all our clients that do matter to our society.

SHA Hacker Camp 2017

By pointing out the IT vulnerabilities to the Dutch fire brigade they now are able to professionalize their systems, thereby improving their ability to save the lives of those who absolutely are in need of help. We rebrand our company name to express and emphasize our passion for the IT security of our clients: clients that do matter in society. Next time more about our plans with regard to the rebranding.

Post by Dave on his LinkedIn page showed the importance of this subject

Did you miss the interview by the NOS at SHA2017 with regard to hacking firetrucks?
The item was broadcast at the NOS breakfast news: http://nos.nl/uitzending/26647-nos-journaal.html (from 03m52s). NOS also published a news item mentioning this hack: http://nos.nl/artikel/2187008-hackers-kraken-brandweerauto-op-hackerfestival.html (in Dutch).

Blog post 2017-08-11 by Mr. Drs. R.M. Renate Verheijen, Legal & HR Counsel Madison Gurkha. View Renate's professional profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renateverheijen/

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