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Blog post 2017-07-25 by Maayke van Remmen, Marketeer Madison Gurkha

No change, no progress. Madison Gurkha has gone through several changes during the last period of time and several improvements are still taking place. Don’t worry. You will be able to continue to trust on our dependable, objective and professional advice. In addition, you can take advantage of extra benefits such as our new service portfolio including certification services. This enables you to be pro-active and in control of your digital security, with respect to people, processes and technology. Together, we will contribute to a secure IT landscape.

Concerning the upcoming changes, I will not reveal everything at this moment. In the coming months we will keep you up to date with new information. Do you require extra explanation at some point, please do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, we would appreciate your input.

Madison Gurkha and ITSX choose joint future
As we mentioned in a previous post, on 2 January 2017 Madison Gurkha and ITSX have taken the first step towards full integration into a single IT security company. “Over the past 16 years, Madison Gurkha has slowly but steadily grown to be the leading technical IT security company in the Netherlands. We are now ready for the next stage of our development", says Remco Huisman, Madison Gurkha's commercial director.

As of 2 January 2017, Dirk Jan van den Heuvel (founder of Collis and former executive director/VP at Underwriter Laboratories (UL)) is part of Madison Gurkha as majority shareholder and managing director.

The board of directors of Madison Gurkha is formed by Dirk Jan van den Heuvel (Managing Director), Ralph Moonen (Technical Director) and Remco Huisman (Commercial Director).

End of an era
6 July 2017 marked a special day. We officially said goodbye to four IT security legends; the founding fathers: Guido, Hans, Arjan and Walter. Renate, legal counsel at Madison Gurkha, responds with a lovely comment "The five MG partners are five fingers on one hand, each are different, but together they make a high five".  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

During the past 16 years, these men were able to build a successful company from scratch. “It might not always have been easy, but things that are worthwhile, are not always supposed to be easy” according to Roy Duisters, security consultant at Madison Gurkha. From now on, Dirk Jan, Ralph and Remco along with all the professionals of Madison Gurkha can use the solid foundation to take the next step.

So long Hans Van de Looy ✓, Guido Van Rooij ✓, Walter Belgers & Arjan de Vet and thanks for all the fish!

oude directie Madison Gurkha

Next step
In order to highlight all the changes, Madison Gurkha will undergo a rebranding. This includes a new name, a new corporate identity with a new look and feel. Dirk Jan mentioned our plans for the new name during the last Black Hat Sessions on June 29th. Please see the article (in Dutch) ”New name for glorious Madison Gurkha” published by Computable.

With regards to the next step and to desire to grow, we will open a brand-new office at the Karspeldreef 8 in Amsterdam in August. At the moment, a whole range of activities are taking place to ensure we can provide an inspiring work environment. Thanks to Ester van Dael, of Madison Gurkha for the hard work in managing this project.

office amsterdam madison gurkha

In the next update we will present our new office (complete with furniture). Who knows, we might even reveal a glimpse of our new identity.

Blog post 2017-07-25 by Maayke van Remmen, Marketeer Madison Gurkha

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