Automated IoT Testing: Backend Development

Project overview:

  • Goal: Improve the existing backend architecture and implementation for Secura’s automated IoT testing environment.
  • Location: Amsterdam/Eindhoven
  • Timeframe: 6-9 months
  • Complexity: High
  • Team: Security Specialists
  • Category: Software architecture + development
  • Supervisor: Jim

As a student, you have:


  • an HBO or WO level of education in the relevant domain.

Technical skills:

  • Proven experience in Python development;
  • Knowledge of software design concepts and best practices;
  • Proven experience with Linux command line and scripting;
  • Experience with virtualization, preferable Proxmox VE;
  • Experience with Android OS development (compiling/modding AOSP);
  • Knowledge of backend-to-backend protocols (e.g. gRPC, web API, SSH) is a pre;
  • Experience with Git is a pre.

Soft skills:

  • The ability to think outside of the box, be creative, and come up with new ideas;
  • The ability to do research independently and present/discuss results;
  • A structured and self-organized way of working;
  • Good communication skills.

The project you will be working on:

Secura is developing a system that can be used to perform semi-automated baseline security testing of consumer IoT devices. A proof-of-concept design and implementation are currently being tested by external partners. For the next phase of development, improvements in the system’s backend are required.

As an intern, you will be tasked with the following:

  1. Read and understand the existing codebase and architecture with minimal help; your independence and code reading skills allow you to understand mostly undocumented systems
    in no-time.
  2. Applying your experience of software design and architectures to brainstorm together with the system’s architect on improvement points. We do have a fair view of things we want to improve on and how to do so, but many things are not set in stone yet. You will have a large amount of freedom in coming up with ideas for improvement, and your input will be used for prioritizing your own work. This means your work will have a large impact, but also means you need a creative mind!
  3. Applying your development and coding skills to implement ideas. You will work with a Git-based workflow, so any experience there would help.
  4. Document your research, design choices, architecture, and code properly. Many people will be working with your output, so it needs to be well-documented!

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