Junior Penetration Tester

Are you a Kali wizard, a CTF master, or do you get excited about red teaming and building things around Raspberry Pi’s? Do you see a hacking project as a complex puzzle to solve? Do you want to develop your hacker skills by doing a wide variety of projects with different colleagues?

We are looking for Junior Penetration Testers for our Eindhoven and Amsterdam offices who are interested in web and mobile application security, network security, and/or social engineering. Depending on your skill set and personal interests, you will participate in many different projects. The types of projects range from exploiting an enterprise network to phishing attacks and testing a mobile application to reverse engineering obfuscated binaries. This way, you will discover the field you enjoy working in most and develop yourself further. Your path within Secura depends on your passion and ambition!

Working as a Penetration Tester at Secura, every day is different. For the various projects and different customers, your ‘hacker mindset’ and creativity are key. You will work at unique places and situations. Thanks to our four-eyes principle, you always work together with a colleague. As a result, your learning curve will be very steep, meaning you will quickly develop skills and knowledge!

As a Junior Penetration Tester you:

  • Assess IT security (systems, networks, and applications) at a basic level.
  • Write clear technical reports about the conducted IT- security assessments.
  • Are able to translate your technical findings into recommendations on both the technical and business level.
  • Perform tool and method validation projects and state results and interpretation in a report.
  • Contact clients professionally, e.g., requesting additional technical information in preparation for or during an assessment.
  • Are able to timely flag potential issues and take correct action proactively in case of project complications.
  • Work within the pre-determined time box and scope.
  • Participate actively in R&D projects.

What you need to have:

  • A bachelor degree (minimum) with proven knowledge and experience in IT;
  • good communication (in Dutch, both written and oral);
  • A hacker mindset,’ and you are able to think out of the box.
  • Proven affinity with technical IT security assessments. Experience with programming, social engineering, hardware hacking, or forensics is a pre.
  • To be flexible to occasionally travel to clients, including overnight stays.

At Secura you will have:

A different day every day. You will work in a great team, sharing the same passion, which allows you to further develop and expand your knowledge and passion. We understand your passion is security and you are driven by research into new tools and techniques. Secura gives you the freedom to spend time to attend conferences, courses and execute R&D projects.

As we are a growing organization you have the opportunity to grow with us and shape not only your career but the company too. More importantly, we love certificates as much as you do and therefore will decide together what certificates are needed for your development.

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Are you the Junior Penetration Tester we are looking for?

We would like to receive your CV by mail via jobs@secura.com. Do you have questions? Contact one of our Corporate Recruiters by telephone +31 (0)88 888 3100 or email jobs@secura.com.

📌 Pre-employment screening and assessments are part of the selection process. Social media screenings and declaration of good conduct are checked annually.

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We would like to receive your CV and motivation letter by mail via jobs@secura.com.

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