Will You Break It Until You Make It?

Have you been hacking your WiFi at home to beat your parents’ attempts to get you offline? Do you hack your video games while playing? Do you see hacking as solving a complex puzzle? Then a career at Secura might be for you!
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Secura is a well-known security company with a large team of highly-skilled ethical hackers with a lot of passion to break in everywhere (legally) and we are looking for new team members!

We are looking for top talent like you with a technical or scientific background (preferably computer science or digital security).

Becoming a highly-skilled ethical hacker does not happen overnight (though partly during the night). We train you extensively in the first year and beyond.


  1. Your first-year program
  2. Who is Secura?
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  4. Hacking expertise domains

Your First Year Program

A first-year at Secura involves four training courses, two certifications, and actual client work from the second month onward to fast-track your hacking skills in web apps, infrastructure, and mobile hacking! This is only year one. A highlight of what is to come: courses like OSCP, OSCE, SANS, and jobs like internal pentesting, social engineering, reverse engineering, and red teaming.

Hack or Crack Timeline

Who is Secura?

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We Are Secura!

Secura is an independent and ambitious security assessment company that supports their clients in taking control of their digital security from people, process and technology perspectives. With a strong passion for technology, we love to share our knowledge and aim for continuous improvement in all that we do.

Will you hack or crack?

Secura as a Company

Secura has an holistic view to security assessment with five service lines while retaining commercial independence and integrity.

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My First Year

Roy Stultiens 1

Roy, Security Analyst

I started at Secura as an intern, to write my thesis and get better connected to the cybersecurity world. Without any prior experience in a security company, this was a warm welcome.

Since then I can work on complex assessments and keep developing my security skills through certifications and training courses. I really like how Secura offers many opportunities for personal growth and motivates employees to keep learning and expanding their knowledge.

Hacking Expertise Domains

Our Security Assessment Team (our ethical hacker team of over 30 people) is led by senior or principal consultants with specific expertise in:

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Will you break it until your make it?

Have you been hacking your WiFi? Do you hack your video games while playing? Do you see hacking as solving a complex puzzle?

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We offer internships, Security Analyst positions and more senior functions. Please provide your CV and motivation letter. We look forward to meeting you!

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