Hands-on Hacking Workshop: Raspberry Pi

Always wanted to gain insight in the approaches a hacker will use to retrieve your passwords? Even from a locked computer? During this workshop we will show you how a Raspberry Pi can be used to receive passwords, install backdoors, siphon data and monitor network traffic. In various scenario's we will guide you through the setup and possibilities of a Raspberry Pi as an attack platform.

The hands-on hacking workshop 'Raspberry Pi Zero' was offered during the Black Hat Sessions part XV. It was very well received by participants and scored an average of 8,2 in feedback. Do you want to perform the attacks presented at the BHS workshop? Download this image and write it to an SD-card of 16GB. Then follow the instructions as presented in the slides.

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Very good alternative to only listing. Hands-on give a better result in awareness how easy it is to break in to systems

 Insight how easy it is to fool Windows with a Raspberry Pi acting like a network device or keyboard.

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