Quality healthcare is of the utmost importance for everyone. Healthcare spending in the Netherlands exceeds 70 billion euros annually. This money is spent on care of ill people who have a real need for it.

Secura joins the international H2020 'ASCLEPIOS' project, aimed at improving the secure sharing and processing of medical data.

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A lot of information, complex technology and more and more IT is required to deliver good patient care. This information needs to be accessible quickly and must be reliable, and IT needs to support the provision of quality healthcare as much as possible. Healthcare should always be safe for, and in the best interest of, patients. Good information security and safe IT systems are of vital importance to safeguard this. The healthcare sector has some specific requirements that make information security a challenging task.

The NEN 7510-standard provides a point of reference for this, as well as requiring periodic IT security testing, such as penetration testing.

Secura has worked in information security in healthcare for over 15 years. This is why we uniquely understand, the challenges that you face and we would be delighted to help you address your information security issues efficiently and thoroughly. We work in the areas of people, processes and technology. We offer a comprehensive set of services to assist you. Please refer to our factsheet for more information.

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