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Secura is specialized in the design and implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and the use of internationally accepted security standards, frameworks and best practices. ISMS is a management system for information security. The ISMS consists in part of IT management processes, behavior of employees, procedures, operating guidelines and policy’s.

By setting up an ISMS and the execution of compulsory activities can demonstrably be made that due consideration is given to information security. There is a number of mandatory documents and activities such as running an internal audit and risk analysis are required.

The core of the ISMS is the quality circle of Deming, Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA cycle). The basic idea is that you get, at any time, practical insight in the level of information security within your organization. Maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity (including authenticity, accountability and verifiability) information is the overarching goal of information security.

The approach of Secura for information security:

  • Plan: goals, processes, information systems and information which is relevant to the information security;
  • Do: implement and carry out the measures for information security;
  • Check: monitoring and testing of the measures taken to the stated objectives;
  • Act: Response on short comings and findings to improve information security.

Based on our knowledge and experience we have developed a variety of services to support you to stay 'in control' in the field of security management:

  • Implementation support;
  • Perform a Pre-Audit;
  • Performing the Certification Audit;
  • Support you in a Certification Audit;
  • Interim Service (CISO, ISO and DPO).

   Check our dedicated Information Security factsheet

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