Secura IoT Security Lab Services

The combination of 'smart' devices, mobile or web applications used to interact with them and cloud services allowing them connect with each other lead to the development of overlapped IoT ecosystems. Therefore, even if differences in products and solutions can occur across various verticals, by making use of these building blocks, the security of IoT solutions can be addressed in an efficient way.

Secura IoT security Lab Services

The services provided by the lab are focusing on the IoT building blocks: devices, web/mobile applications and cloud connectivity. For each of these building blocks, Secura is providing a complete and flexible service offering, including:

  • Design Reviews and Threat modelling: Tailored reviews of the specific solution, with highlighting of specific risks and design vulnerabilities. This includes services such as documentation review, source code review, security by design trainings or security audits.
  • Training courses: Courses given by our experts concerning topics such as Automotive Security, ICS SCADA Security or Embedded Devices Security
  • Advisory and Audit: Services carried by experienced and certified auditors (REs), aimed at assessing and validating the security related processes implemented within your organization
  • (Standardized) testing: Assessing the presence and sufficiency of implemented security features, in line with relevant international publications. The testing is performed in a tailored way, by selecting relevant requirements from considered publications.
  • Compliance and certification: Ensuring the security by testing in line with the applicable requirements of relevant international publications (ex. IEC 62443, IoT Security Foundation Framework, OWASP Testing Guide, etc.), while also offering support for security certifications or regulations.

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