Awareness and concrete initiatives towards addressing IoT security

Fortunately, awareness and concrete initiatives towards addressing IoT security are expanding. It was a pleasure to present our view on controlling cybersecurity risks in IoT by standardization during the IoT Security Foundation conference, in London on December 4th 2018.

Please see the slides of the presentation by Razvan Venter, senior certification specialist at Secura

Questions about securing your IoT products?

There are several available frameworks based on which the security controls present in a device can be assessed. Secura is actively involved in standardization organizations, being up to date with the state of the art regarding these assessment frameworks and their value in assessing the security of a device.

IOT Security Foundation Security Compliance Framework

As a basis for our assessment, we follow the IOT Security Foundation Security Compliance Framework. The IOT Security Foundation is an European consortium including key stakeholders from both the development and evaluation domains. Its Framework provides a comprehensive set of security requirements which can be verified on a product (including physical security, protocols, software updates,communication protocols, etc.). Additionally, it addresses specific development processes such as supply chain security, incident response or ownership transfer.

For more detailed information regarding our offered services in terms of IoT security, please check the factsheet and our dedicated IoT services page.

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