Continuous Application Scanning

Our Con­tinuous Application Scanning Service combines our knowledge and expertise with frequent, auto­mated application vulnerability scans. The best of both worlds: the expertise of our consultants and the price tag and efficiency of automated scans.

In addition to periodical manual tests, Secura offers the possibility to test web applications frequently using automated tools, combined with the expertise of our consultants. We combine these two, because in our opinion, simply using an application vulnerability scanner without any human intelligence is of very limited use. After all, the context of a finding determines the risk to a large extent and a tool can never be aware of that context.

The advantages of our Continuous Application Scanning Service are:

  • more frequent scans at lower cost;
  • the expertise of our consultants;
  • manual verification of findings;
  • no false-positives;
  • the very best quality scan-tools;
  • testing of authenticated functions of the appli­cation using credentials;
  • comparison (delta) of scan results.

Open the fact sheet to read more about our continuous application scanning service.

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