Penetration testing

Out of all the things we do, a penetration test (or pentest) most appeals to the imagination. Secura's consultants use the available time to look for a weak spot in your security and subsequently attempt to exploit it, for example to penetrate further into a LAN- or extranet environment.

Penetration testing vs. security test

A Secura penetration test resembles a black box security test, but is notably different. During a penetration test, it is of only secondary importance whether there are multiple vulnerabilities. The aim of a pentest is to illustrate as clearly as possible what the consequences of a certain issue with your IT security could be, and what that would mean to your organisation. A penetration test allows us to demonstrate the seriousness of IT security issues, so that your organisation becomes aware of the potential dangers. Many organisations choose to implement a structural approach to their IT security as a direct result of this test.

Secura will record the outcomes of the penetration test in a clear report with a concise management summary, an extensive risk analysis for each outcome and recommendations on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

For more details on our offered services as well as the assessment process, please check our Vulnerability Analysis & Penetration Testing factsheet.

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