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One of the most successful methods to attack organisations and individuals is phishing. Using e-mails, WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media, people are tricked into clicking on malicious links, entering passwords or downloading and opening attachments.

Phishing campaign: test your organization, increase awareness

Secura has developed an easy and standardised way of creating phishing campaigns for training and awareness purposes. Our Angler platform lets you choose from a number of templates for the phishing mail, all with their own scenario and landing page. Each scenario leads to a landing page, where a message is displayed that informs the user that this was, in fact, a phishing attempt. The page further provides guidance on how to recognize such e-mails in the future. Optionally, users can be asked to enter their credentials before this message is shown, in order to measure their willingness to disclose their passwords. This metric is especially good to measure the progress of awareness campaigns over time.

Based on our extensive experience, we have developed a number of successful scenarios. For instance a catering survey or a salary approval.

Secura provides clear and concise reports, where customers can filter and report based on aspects such as organisation, department or function group. This enables you to track progress over multiple campaigns and direct attention where it is necessary.

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Create your own phishing attack today

Refer to our dedicated factsheet for more information. If you have any questions, please contact one of our experts on +3140 990 2377 or send an e-mail to, to identify your needs and come up with a solution that seamlessly integrates with your question.

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