Portal.secura.com - Secura File Exchange

Secura uses a SSL secured website portal.secura.com to exchange information with its customers. This allows us to send customer reports in a secure way and allows customers to securely send files to Secura.

How does it work?

1.) Ad-hoc mode. Using a staff account, your organization has the ability to upload files to recipients by specifying only their email addresses and phone numbers. After uploading the files, an email is submitted to the recipient with a unique link to the platform. After the recipient clicks the link an access token is submitted to the specified phone number. When the recipient enters the access token, access to the files is granted and the files can be downloaded straight away. Via the same mechanism, a staff member can request files from any person identified by an email address and a phone number. The files will only be available to the requester.

2.) Registered user mode.Next to the ad-hoc mode, you can  invite users to the platform so they can setup their preferred second authentication factor (2FA).  This invitation process follows the same flow as the ad-hoc mode file exchange and ensures the secure registration of users in the platform.

The files can be saved or viewed in the browser. For security reason files are automatically overwritten and removed after 30 days.

Please refer to our dedicated page on the Secura File Exchange tool for more information: https://www.secura.com/tools-file-exchange

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