A Connected Embedded Systems Security Primer

On March 29 and March 30, 2019, Jos Wetzels, principal security specialist at Secura, will be presenting on the security issues facing connected embedded systems at TestingStage in Kiev, UA. TestinStage is an Ukrainian industry conference for professionals in the areas of test automation & management, performance, security and embedded systems.

Modern embedded systems are ubiquitous and highly interconnected, from smart home electronics and wearables to networking equipment, automotive systems, medical devices and industrial control systems, they permeate all aspects of everyday life. Over the past years we've seen an explosion in threats against such systems, ranging from IoT botnets infecting routers and CCTV cameras to to dangerous attacks on critical infrastructure. It has also become increasingly clear that many embedded systems lag years, if not decades, behind in terms of security and are often vulnerable to issues that can be simultaneously trivial to exploit and hard to remediate.

This talk aims to present a big picture introduction to the security issues facing connected embedded systems. We will touch upon the relevant threat landscape and discuss common vulnerabilities as well as some high-level hardening strategies and the unique challenges faced by embedded systems security engineers.

Questions about IoT security?

Secura has launched a IoT Security Lab, focused on providing an efficient approach on IoT security across various domains. The services provided by the lab are focusing on the IoT building blocks: devices, web/mobile applications and cloud connectivity. For each of these building blocks, Secura is providing a complete and flexible service offering. Contact us for more information.  

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The 23th of May we will organise a new IoT Security Webinar. Please feel free to join us. Register here for the live webinar.

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