Risk Management

Risk management becomes more of a fixed component in the information security policy of virtually every company, which is derived from a sound risk management policy.

“A risk management policy must be in place to encourage people to think about risks, make conscious deliberations and act accordingly.”

Managing risks is a continuous process and deserves your full attention. A risk management policy contributes to ensuring the continuity of processes within an organization.

We have knowledge and experience with the application of risk management methodologies that are available in the field of information security. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have developed various services to support you in being 'in control' in the field of risk management:

  • Drawing up a risk management policy;
  • Risk management process implementation;
    • Risk identification;
    • Risk analysis;
    • Risk appetite;
    • Risk strategy;
    • Risk control & monitoring;
    • Risk reporting;
  • Support risk management in projects;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Risk management workshops;
  • Risk management Audit.

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