Secure web programming

You are familiar with the kinds of cybercrime your organisation needs to defend against. You also want your application designers and programmers to be capable of setting up an optimally secure IT environment.

In the 'Secure Programming' course, Secura will teach your IT staff how to develop applications that are proof against the most common forms of attack.

Practice-based training

Our 'Secure web programming' course is very practically oriented and uses examples from several different programming languages, including Java, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl and SQL.

Through interactive exercises and practical demonstrations, participants learn how to execute code reviews and minimise the risk of unsafe code. Secura is able to provide this course in-house on your premises, or in a classroom-based format at centrally located venues. The training takes place over the course of two days.

 Secura's training course was a real eye opener to us. It changes your entire way of thinking in building an application –
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