Security Awareness Training

Employees are often considered the weakest link in information security, they know what your organization is planning and they have access to sensitive information.  Using social engineering other parties can use this information to learn about you and your company and get an advantage or worse, possibly without you even know!

Security Awareness by professionals

Secura offers a three-hour training course which can be used to get your employees up to speed in no time! Learn about security awareness in an informal setting guided by experienced security professionals.

Intended audience

This training is suitable for all employees in your organization, whether this is their first exposure to security awareness or whether they have already practiced with some of its concepts. A single session can accommodate up to thirty people.

Required skills and expertise

No previous knowledge is required. It is not necessary to bring your own laptop.


The three-hour training course is divided into multiple sections.

  • Section 1: Introducing security awareness
    The training course kicks off with a general introduction about security awareness. Learn about the importance of security awareness, in both your work and private lives. Our security professionals will explain how hackers think and how they use creative solutions and techniques to achieve their goals. 

  • Section 2: Diving deeper
    Learn about different concepts of security awareness which extend beyond the computer and smartphone such as social engineering, physical security and phishing. Experience the techniques used by hackers during social engineering and how they are commonly used to convince unsuspecting employees. Grasp the importance of physical security and how it can be used to safeguard assets and information. Final subject of the day will be phishing. You will study mails and identify common traits, which are currently used in phishing attacks.

Learning objectives

  • Get familiarized with security awareness
  • Learn about its different domains (physical entering, social engineering and phishing)
  • Learn how to apply security awareness in common and less common situations

When it comes to training and awareness, Secura has a solid track record. The Security Awareness Training can be given in-house or, depending on the interest, open for public application.

Would you like to enquire about the possibility of hosting an interactive tailor made session in your company? Please contact us via the contact form, by telephone + 31 40 23 77 990 or email

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