Security Testing

Whether our customers are banks, healthcare providers, utilities, software businesses or government institutions, they all require some form of security testing of their external, online and in-house information systems. Secura offers professional security testing services on nearly all types of applications, infrastructures, and devices. With over 18 years of working for our clients, our team is equipped with all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to take control of your digital security.

We record the outcomes of the security test in a clear report with a concise management summary, an extensive risk analysis for each outcome and recommendations on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

For more details regarding our services and the assessment processes, please check our dedicated factsheets.

Security testing assessment

Testing of security often focusses on highly technical material for which our consultants are specially trained. Secura aids your organisation in being one step ahead of undesirable attackers. We do this by performing a vulnerability assessment (security test) or penetration test (pentest) amongst others.

In doing this, our consultants use a wide spectrum of testing options and investigation methods. The results of the assessment allow you to optimally secure your organisation against digital crime.

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