Forensic Readiness

Digital forensics research has become essentially important in order to learn from incidents that have occurred and to prevent incidents in the future. This is because users of information systems leave digital footprints when they use these systems. Whether they are computer systems, smartphones, cell phones, tablets or networks.

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Digital forensics research is primarily used for investigations focused on legal or law enforcement issues that are likely to end up in court; hence the emphasis on legal acceptability. Digital evidence is extremely volatile and can be easily lost or altered. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve and handle digital evidence in a way that ensures it is not distorted or destroyed, nor does it appear to have been destroyed.

Forensic Readiness indicates an organization's ability to collect, preserve, protect and analyze digital evidence. Forensic Readiness is becoming increasingly important nowadays. Secura helps you to become ‘Forensic Ready’. With our Forensic Maturity Model, we determine the current state of your Forensic Readiness level.

How can Secura help?

Perhaps your organization is already Forensic Ready and that you want to make this measurable. Alternatively, your organization has a goal to take the first steps, but it is still unclear which step will lead to the best results. Secura has developed a Forensic Maturity Model that provides an overall score for all critical aspects of Forensic Readiness, as well as a score for each component, based on interview questions. Secura can help you with a baseline measurement to determine your current Forensic Readiness. Based on this, we can determine which next steps are most efficient for your organization, in order to guarantee the right level of Forensic Readiness.

Are you interested in conducting a digital forensic investigation or do you have questions about what we can do for you? We would be glad to help you out! Send us an email at:

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Forensic Readiness

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