Secura File Exchange

Sending or receiving large or sensitive files over the internet is a task many of us struggle with in our operations on a daily basis. This is why Secura has developed a secure way to transfer files between users on the internet and internally. Secura’s design aims to make this as easy as possible for users, while applying their deep knowledge of application security to create a solution that is suitable for high-security applications and data or when dealing with personal data that falls under the GDPR or other privacy regulations.

Secura uses this platform for sending and receiving data and files with clients. (please see  Secura also offers this platform commercially to the market as a white-labelled solution for secure file exchange (Managed File Transfer, or MFT-platform).

Secura File Exchange: SFE

Secura created the SFE platform with security as the central pillar of development. This solution has no vendor dependencies (we have built this product from scratch), and integrates many state-of-the-art security features including secure enrolment, secure hashing algorithms (SHA256), audit trails, automatic malware scanning and many options for multi-factor authentication. SFE supports SMS text messages, Yubikeys and TOTP (such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator) as second factors. We will integrate many more in the very near future. But above all, we have made it very simple to use, for recipients and senders of files, as well as admins.

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Would you like to read more explanation and details about Secura File Exchange, please download the full white paper. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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