Black Hat Sessions Part XV - It's all about the Data

Successful Anniversary edition 29th June 2017 | De ReeHorst | Ede (NL)

On June 29th 2017 Madison Gurkha organised the 15th edition of our annual security congres de Black Hat Sessions. We look back on a great day with a lot of enthusiastic participants, inspiring talks, good conversations and a very positive vibe. Thanks to all 400+ participants, the sponsors, media partners, congres4u and of course the speakers for your contribution. We hope you all enjoyed it.

Hope to see you next year! For now enjoy the aftermovie and see the photos. For the presentation recordings go to or see the information below. Please also see our youtube channel for more videos. Fill in the form and we will keep you up-to-date about the next Black Hat Sessions.






In the media

The media has reported on this special anniversary edition. Read the reports (in Dutch) below:

Seminar programme

National and international security experts informed the participants during this one day conference. We proudly presented: Bill Cheswick (Keynote), Brigadier General Hans Folmer (Keynote) Rachel Marbus (KPN), Michael Kubiaczyk, Walter Belgers, Meredith L. Patterson, John Fokker (Dutch High Tech Crime Unit), Duncan Campbell, Hans de Zwart (BoF), Rogier Besemer (DNB), Ralph Moonen. Download the leaflet.

09.00 Registration

09.30 Opening by the Chairman, Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, new CEO at Madison Gurkha

Keynote: Bill Cheswick 

 Bill Cheswick (Ches) joined us from the U.S. to provide a keynote for this special edition. Ches is known for his early work in Internet security, including firewalls, proxies, and as co-author on the first full book on firewalls. He is also noted for his work in visualizations, especially Internet maps, which have been (re)published widely. Recording available.

Keynote: Keynote Brigadier General Hans Folmer

 Brigadier General Hans Folmer, Commandant General of the Dutch Armed Forces Cyber Command (DCC) gave a keynote speech at the end of the program on June 29th 2017. The DCC contributes to military operations with cyber capabilities in order to realise freedom of manoeuvre in the information environment. During his keynote he will explain what this means. Recording available

Speaker lineup

  • John Fokker, Digital Team Coordinator at the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTC(U) and project leader for the NoMoreRansom initiative, about ransomware in general and the nomoreransom-project in particular. Recording available
  • Meredith L. Patterson, polymath technologist and science fiction author, about software testing. Recording available
  • Michael Kubiaczyk, Principal Security Consultant at Madison Gurkha about Losing Yourself in a Cloud of Things. Recording available
  • Duncan Campbell, investigative journalist, author and TV-producer. He revealed the existence of the Echelon project, which raised controversy in the late ‘90s and the early 2000s throughout the world. Recording available
  • Hans de Zwart, director of Bits of Freedom (BoF): the digital civil rights organization, about false positives. Recording available
  • Rachel Marbus, Privacy Officer for KPN, about the ethics of privacy. Recording available
  • Walter Belgers, Principal Security Consultant at Madison Gurkha, as well as the world’s fastest lockpicker, about physical social engineering. Recording available
  • Ralph Moonen, Technical Director at Madison Gurkha, about Red Teaming.The Dutch Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red teaming (TIBER) program has also been covered from the perspective of the Red Teaming provider.

Of course we organised a Hands-on-Hacking worskhop, and returning after being absent for one year was our PGP Key Signing party.

Date: Thursday 29th of June
09:30 – 17:00
ReeHorst, Ede GLD (NL)
EURO 265, Students pay only EURO 25
This event has been taken place. You cannot register anymore! We hope to see you next year at Black Hat Sessions Part XVI

I like to see real-world practical applications, and hear from people who are industry leaders.

Always a good opportunity tot spar with people in the same field.

The chosen subject is explained on another level and the speakers make you look at the subject form a different point of view then I am used to look at it.

I found it hard to choose which I would attent. Both track were very interesting.


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