Webinar Mobile Application Security: Android basics

In this part of our webinar series you will learn all you need to get started with investigating the security of Android applications. We will show you how to perform Man-in-the-Middle-attacks (MiTM attacks) as an effective way to analyse the communication between an application and it's backend. Also, a demonstration is given of how to download Android applications from your phone and then analyse and change it's code. Allowing you to understand it's inner workings, and possibly escalate your privileges.

All the techniques shown in this webinar can be achieved with free, open source, software and either a physical Android device or device emulator.

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET LIVE
Speaker:  Ben Brücker, Senior Security Specialist

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This webinar is suitable for: Mobile application developers, pentesters, mobile application testers, software engineers, technical staff involved in security management.

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  • Gain knowledge of the Android architecture setup
  • Gain knowledge of security concepts and methods for protecting mobile applications
  • Gain knowledge on how to perform a mobile application attack like MitM and modifying application data
  • Get access to multiple sources to develop your skills further

Learn from the expert

ben brücker senior security specialist at secura

Ben Brücker, Senior Security Specialist at Secura.
Ben is a security specialist with a wide variety of interests. His specialization is in the fields of web- and mobile-applications. Currently Ben is developing his skills in the fields of pentesting, reverse-engineering and exploit development.

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