Webinar | Red Teaming at RDW

Would you like to know more about how a Red Teaming assessment works? Then sign up for the Secura webinar with Hans Borsboom, Central Security Officer of RDW. RDW recently performed a Red Teaming Assessment.
Hans Borsboom of RDW explains why Red Teaming was chosen, how the process went, and what is done with the results. Host and moderator is Christoffel Klimbie, account manager of Secura. Please register here for the webinar.

The Ultimate Hack Simulation at RDW

Red Teaming: The ultimate hacking simulation. Road safety is paramount to the RDW, because without digital safety there is no physical safety.

In a conversation with Hans Borsboom, CISO at the RDW, you will discover what the priorities and challenges are within the independent administrative body RDW, and how and why the RDW has used Red Teaming to test digital resilience.?

Watch and listen along on Thursday 26 January, and ask your questions during the Q&A.


  1. What does cybersecurity mean for RDW?
  2. Why does RDW opt for a Red Teaming assessment?
  3. What is Red Teaming?
  4. Cooperation between the Red, White and Blue team during the Red Team investigation
  5. What does RDW do with the results?
  6. What must an organization meet to start a meaningful Red Team investigation?
  7. Live Q&A

About the speakers

Hans Borsboom is Central Security Officer (CSO) at RDW and the client for the Red Team investigation by Secura. Hans was also a member of the RDW White team.

Hans: "As CISO, I provide functional leadership to a team of 7 security officers positioned in the divisions. The vehicle registration and driving license register are the core of many services that the RDW offers in the mobility sector."

"RDW develops many applications in-house. Knowledge of the latest state of affairs in cyber threats is of great importance. RDW consciously opts for a wide range of security tests to guarantee the security of its services."

Christoffel Klimbie is an account manager in Secura's Public market group. He interviews Hans Borsboom about the Red Teaming project and moderates questions from participants.