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European Parliament NIS2

NIS2: Perspectives From a Regulator

19 January 2023 | 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM (CET) | Online

In this second episode of the NIS series, we will continue with the view of a regulator. Jasper Nagtegaal, Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure joins Sjoerd Peerlkamp, Director of the Industrial Market Group at Secura in this interactive session. The Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure covers, amongst others, the oversight of the NIS implementation at the Energy Sector in The Netherlands.

During this 45 minute webinar, we will touch on the following topics. Feel free to share some questions before the meeting, so we can embed them in our storyline! Email: marketing@secura.com.


  • Recap of the first episode
  • The view of a regulator on the NIS 2 directive
  • Stories from the field when NIS was implemented in the Energy sector
  • The visible effects of the NIS in the industry and expected impact of NIS2
  • Live Q&A

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Red Teaming & the Dutch Road Authority: All Roads Lead to Cyber Resilience

26 January 2023 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (CET) | Online | in Dutch

Red Teaming: the ultimate hacking simulation. Road safety is of utmost importance to the Dutch Road Authority (the RDW), but without digital safety, no physical safety. In an interview with Hans Borsboom, CISO at the RDW, we learn what the priorities and challenges are within the independent administrative body RDW, and how and why the RDW deployed Red Teaming to test their cyber resilience. What is scrutinized during a Red Team assessment, and how mature do you need to be as an organization in your cybersecurity to do a Red Teaming assessment?

Watch and listen in on Thursday, Jan. 26, and ask your questions during the Q&A!


  • Introduction RDW & Secura
  • What does Cybersecurity mean for RDW?
  • Why was Red Teaming chosen?
  • What is Red Teaming?
  • Collaboration between the Red, White and Blue team during the Red Team investigation
  • What will RDW do with the results?
  • What does an organization need to know/have before starting a Red Team investigation?
  • Live Q&A

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