Webinar: Psychology Addressing the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

On Tuesday 17th of May, our behavioral scientist Sophie Jellema and Floris Duvekot, Behavior Manager, will host the webinar: "Psychology addressing the human factor in cybersecurity". During this webinar, you will learn more about how you can get your employees to show the desired behavior within cybersecurity. You can now sign up here.

About the Webinar

Risks in cybersecurity are evolving rapidly, and addressing these risks can be challenging. You want your employees to be aware of the risks, and you want them to act accordingly. How can you keep up with the pace of change in cybersecurity threats? How do you know you are secure and that your employees' show desired behavior? Our psychologists will shed their light on how to address these risks from a scientific perspective.


  1. If they know it, they will do it - A common misconception about human behavior
  2. How to measure behavioral risks
  3. How to address behavioral risks
  4. Q&A

Intended audience

  • CISOs, ISOs, CTOs, HR professionals, IT management, etc.
    In other words; security decision-makers
  • Psychology enthusiasts

About Sophie Jellema

Sophie is a psychologist with master's degrees in behavioral science and clinical & health psychology. She has studied human behavior in various disciplines and has been advising companies on addressing cyber-secure behavior for many years.

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