ETSI Releases New EN 303 645 Standard for Consumer IoT


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On 30 June 2020, ETSI has published the final version of the long awaited EN 303 645 norm for consumer IoT products.

Under this norm, consumer IoT products receive an internationally recognized security testing baseline, which will allow for efficient security validation and will create the base for upcoming EU level security certification.

Demonstrated compliance with the new ETSI norm could represent an important step in IoT market recognition, in line with the continuously increasing security threats.

Secura contributed to the review and improvement of this standard and has already hands-on experience with testing the requirements of this norm in practice, having developed also a proprietary Interpretation Document in line with the standard.

Please feel free to contact us in order to jointly validate the security of your IoT product!

Fact sheets

ETSI EN 303 645

Overzicht van ETSI EN 303 645 en onze services.

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