Webinar: Ransomware in de Zorg

Voorkomen is beter dan genezen! (Only available in Dutch)
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Webinar: Crystal Box Assessments in Cloud

Finding Common Misconfigurations and How to Fix Them
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Discovery of 2 new CVEs

CVE-2020-35542 & CVE-2020-22789
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Blog: Security Challenges of a Cloud Migration

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Blog: How Small Vulnerabilities Become a Recipe for Disaster

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SAFE: Security Awareness & Behavior
Reduce the human risk in cybersecurity

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Secura provides insights to protect your valuable assets and data. We make cybersecurity tangible and measurable in the field of IT, OT and IoT.



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08 Jun, 2021
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Risk Assessment Standards for ICS Environments

07 Jun, 2021
News & Events | Technology

Black Hat USA 2021: Zerologon by Tom Tervoort

07 Jun, 2021
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Cybersecurity is more than technology alone. Secura collaborates with partners in compliance and risk management, integrated application security, privacy, IT- and internet law and certification.