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Secura has worked in information security and privacy for nearly two decades. This is why we uniquely understand the challenges that you face like no one else and would be delighted to help you address your information security matters efficiently and thoroughly.

Security needs to be approached holistically

In this fast pace ever changing digital environment we help organisations to take control of their digital security with a holistic security approach to meet their needs in information security from a people, process and technology perspective. With our activities in Benchmarking & Certification at NL, EU & Global level, we aim to drive industry maturity and provide world-class services to our client to continuously improve their security posture.

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Training & Awareness
Secura offers a comprehensive set of Training Courses & Awareness services. Our awareness program is called SAFE: Security Awareness for Everyone. Training and Awareness provides a foundation for a sound security culture within an organisation.

Please refer to our Training & Awareness section for more details.

Secura developed a series of comprehensive tools, which may be of interest to others too. We offer these as SAAS and/or as on premise solutions.

Please refer to our Tools and Development section for more details.

Security Audit
We offer a range of services in the domain of Information Security and Privacy / GDPR (people- and process-focused).

Please refer to our Security Audit section for more details.

Security Testing
Secura offers a wide range of services in the domain of Security Testing. Historically there is a lot of focus on penetration testing. However, the earlier in the development cycle vulnerabilities and weaknesses can be prevented or detected, the better. That’s why we offer Threat Modeling, Design Review and Code Review services. We also offer Continuous Services to remain in control when in production. Finally, for cyber resilience testing, we offer Red Teaming services (assessing all aspects: people, process and technology).

Please refer to our Security Testing section for more details.

Assurance & Certification
Secura executes formal ISAE 3000 Assurance Audits to check the security according to EDP Audit standards. Secura also offers certification services to assess system compliance to standards from the Cloud Security Alliance, IEC 62443 (Industrial Control Systems), IoT Security Foundation, and others.

Please refer to our Assurance & Certification section for more details.

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