In this fast-pace ever-changing digital environment we help organizations take control of their digital security with a holistic security approach to meet their needs in information security from a people, process and technology perspective. With our activities in benchmarking & certification, we aim to drive industry maturity and provide world-class services to our client to continuously improve their security posture.


The human factor is essential to protect your digital assets. Secura provides Training, Awareness and Behavior services related to increase the cyber resilience of your employees.

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Governance and procedures are essential to organize cyber security and privacy in a proper way. Secura helps with implementation, audit and/or certification of your security management systems, offices and vendors.

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Secura provides official assurance services according to the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (3000, 3402). Here is an overview of some of the services we offer.

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The security of your information technology (IT) systems is key to protect your network, cloud, and/or (mobile) applications. Secura is your partner to test and assess the security of your IT systems.

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Operational Technology (like ICS SCADA systems) are frequently used the industrial and manufacturing domain. Reliability and availability are key, but security is just as important. Learn more about our services in this domain.

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Internet of Things (IoT) or connected devices appear everywhere. These often consist of specific hardware with lesser or special security features. We offer a whole portfolio of test and certification services for IoT devices.

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Secura offers advanced software products which can be used for Secure File Exchange (SFE) and to detect backdoors in your network (Secura Backdoor Detector).

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Cybersecurity is more than technology alone. Secura collaborates with partners in compliance and risk management, integrated application security, privacy, IT- and internet law and certification.