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How Cyber Resilience Testing for Industrial Control Systems (FAT/SAT) improves Your Business

As an operator or owner of Industrial Control Systems (ICSs), you are responsible for verifying the cybersecurity requirements of these ICSs.

This verification of cyber requirements should be part of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT). However, this step is often overlooked or ignored because cybersecurity testing is difficult and time consuming.

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware emerges in OT

Costly or even dangerous

Insufficient digital resilience can become costly or even dangerous, because cybercriminals use many tools to attack Operational Technology (OT) environments. Our security experts see ransomware emerging in OT.

Our Solution

To raise cyber resilience for your industrial control systems, Secura offers the service “ICS Cyber FAT/SAT”. We perform an independent review to verify that your ICS meets cybersecurity requirements, and you have security best-practices in place.

OT Cyber FATSAT testing

Raise cyber resilience with our ICS Cyber FAT/SAT service

How our cybersecurity services fit in the project life cycle

The life cycle of a new ICS starts with a project specification created by the owner or operator. Naturally, this specification describes the main functions of the new installation, but usually also contains some cyber security requirements.

These can either be based on compliance with company security policies, industrial standards (IEC 62443) or applicable laws and regulations.

Next is the design & engineering phase. Here, cybersecurity again plays a vital role. To ensure security requirements are embedded in the project, and are not an afterthought, you can perform risk assessments, threat modeling and design reviews.

Alongside standard assessments

After this stage, the system is ready to be implemented. This is where the FAT and SAT come into play. Secura’s ICS Cyber FAT/SAT service can be implemented alongside the more standard assessments. It focuses specifically on the verification steps common during the regular FAT/SAT phase of each project.

Take the step to OT Cyber FAT/SAT testing

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