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Secura is one of the licensed parties to support vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in achieving compliance with relevant regulations addressing the domains of cybersecurity and software updates.

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Our services cover the preparation phase (through pre-audits, workshops, tailored testing) all the way to the official regulation audits, concluded with a type approval for a vehicle, or for the manufacturer’s management systems.

Modern vehicles are being designed with more and more embedded capabilities and functionalities, stimulated by the wish of offering users better control, more connectivity and overall an improved driving experience. Together with these attractive modern functionalities, the possibilities of cybersecurity attacks are increasing as well. Threats such as maliciously obtaining control of the vehicle and performing more or less dangerous actions were already demonstrated, which led to an increased awareness towards automotive cybersecurity.

The importance of cybersecurity is recently recognized more and more by regulatory bodies, who are currently working on dedicated vehicle cybersecurity regulations. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of automotive systems developers and manufacturers to assure that their products take security into account, incorporating sufficient and effective security controls.

Consultancy and Support

Secura can provide security consultancy, training and testing services to vehicle manufacturers or suppliers of vehicle components and systems.

Consultancy and support


Secura is a recognized party for working in line with the UNECE regulations on cybersecurity (R155) and software updates (R156). As a preparation for the official UNECE audits, Secura can support with organizing workshops, performing pre-audits and gap analysis, supporting in addressing the identified gaps, or conducting tailored testing services, in line with the requirements of the regulations.


Secura is one of the recognized parties who can provide vehicle manufacturers official UNECE audits, based on which compliance of the cybersecurity/software updates processes can be determined, as well as obtaining type approval for vehicle types.

UNECE Cybersecurity/
Software Updates Regulations


As one of the recognized Technical Services, Secura can conduct official UNECE audits, in line with the requirements of the Cybersecurity (R155) and Software Updates (R156) regulations. Fulfilling these regulations with respect to the management systems, as well as the vehicle types will be needed for manufacturers in order to enter the markets under the UNECE sphere.

ISO/SAE 21434


ISO/SAE 21434 is one of the currently most relevant standards for the automotive domain. Under this standard, automotive manufacturers as well as components suppliers can developer a high quality Cyber Security Management System (CSMS). The evidence resulting from this CSMS can serve as a strong basis for fulfilling the applicable UNECE regulations.

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Secura Overview Automotive Security Compliance Consultancy

Overview of our automotive compliance and consultancy services

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Secura UNECE Automotive Regulations for Vehicle Manufacturers

Overview of UNECE Automotive Regulations & Secura's services for Vehicle Manufacturers

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Secura UNECE Automotive Regulations for Automotive Suppliers

Overview of UNECE Automotive Regulations & Secura's services for Automotive Suppliers

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White papers

UNECE Regulations on Cybersecurity and Software Updates White Paper

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