DORA Compliancy Services for EU based Organizations

Need help with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)? Discover our expert services to help you meet the DORA cybersecurity requirements.


The urgency to comply with DORA is real. However, as an international cybersecurity company, we find that many organizations are struggling in taking the right action. If you are uncertain about what parts of the DORA you need to focus on, or where to start, let Secura help you.



DORA Gap Assessment by Experts


DORA Boardroom Training


Clear Roadmap to becoming DORA Compliant


DORA is coming, and it's going to test our limits.



  • How will you manage third party risk?
  • Is "do it yourself" a viable option? Can you afford to underestimate the complexity of DORA?
  • How are you going to train and prepare your staff?

Don't underestimate DORA

If your organization already adheres to frameworks like ISO 27001 or COBIT, you might wonder how much further you have to go to meet DORA requirements. From experience we know, that most organizations still have to take extra steps. Conducting a gap analysis can be invaluable in identifying what you're already doing right and where additional measures are necessary.

The complexity of DORA shouldn't be underestimated. It is not a task that can be completed on a casual Friday afternoon. A hasty or uninformed approach not only leaves your organization vulnerable, but also puts you at risk of legal and financial penalties.

The implications of DORA extend all the way to the boardroom. Board members are now personally accountable for cybersecurity, making training more critical than ever. Ignoring or sidelining this training can lead to ineffective governance and, consequently, a failure to meet DORA requirements, which can result in severe legal repercussions.

DORA applies to many organizations

Including those that were not regulated on cyber security before.


We are waiting for regulatory technical standards to be finalized *

* Local governments are currently working on transposing the DORA into national legislation with so called Regulatory Technical Standards. This is no reason to wait, because depending on your current situation some parts of the DORA can be time-consuming to get right. Complying with DORA is not a trivial task for all organizations. Start improving your digital resilience today.


Secura helps large and medium sized organizations all over Europe raise their cyber resilience. We know the importance of compliance to DORA. Start preparing in time. Secura's DORA services help you to become DORA compliant. We will list our services below.



DORA Boardroom Training

DORA requires directors to undergo training. The DORA Boardroom Training is a collaboration between De Clercq Lawyers and Secura's cybersecurity experts. In just one day you will gain insight into the cybersecurity risk management measures that organizations must take as a minimum based on DORA.


DORA Gap Assessment

Perform a DORA Gap Assessment to get a detailed overview of your current security maturity level and the steps you need to take to become DORA compliant. This service is based on our Security Maturity Assessment.


DORA Implementation Services

Secura offers a range of services to help you implement DORA for your organization. The specific scope of the services is dependent on the outcome of the DORA Gap Analysis.

Our DORA Implementation Services:

Benefits of Secura's DORA Services

Decades of governance risk and compliance experience

A range of services specifically developed to meet your DORA needs and help you become DORA compliant

Cybersecurity experts in the field of People, Processes and Technology

A single point of contact for you

A clear roadmap to become and stay DORA compliant.


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