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We can help you prepare for and deal with cyber incidents.

How to deal with cyber incidents

The chances that your organization will suffer a cyber attack are growing. That is why more and more cybersecurity regulations, such as NIS2 or DORA, require implementation of a complete cyber incident response cycle. This involves preparing for incidents, responding adequately to an attack, and knowing what to do afterwards.

You can compare this to the way fire safety has evolved. Of course, putting out fires is still important. But modern fire brigades also take preventive action and evaluate how a fire started in the first place. The same goes for cybersecurity incidents. We can help you prepare for and handle cyber incidents.


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  • How to prepare for severe cybersecurity incidents
  • How to resolve cyber incidents quickly before they escalate into bigger problems
  • How to find out what exactly happened during an incident
  • How to comply with cybersecurity regulations like NIS2 and DORA regarding incident response

Prepare to handle cyber incidents


Find out what happened


Comply with regulations like DORA and NIS2

Limit the damage

Our Incident Response PRO service helps you prepare for cyber incidents and guarantees expert help during an incident. This means you can limit potential damages and ensure your business continuity, should you suffer a cyber incident. A subscription consists of two elements:

1. An incident response retainer

You've been hacked - your important systems are down. Now it is important to limit the damage and get back to business as soon as possible. You need immediate support to take quick action. This retainer buys you our guaranteed availability in case of a cyber incident. It also gives you:

  • Guaranteed response times
  • On-site support within 12 hours
  • Discounted incident response fees.

2. Forensic and Incident Readiness Assessment (FIRA)

The last thing you want to find out during an incident, is that your crisis team has no idea what to do or that your organization never preserved the correct digital evidence. That is why we help you prepare for the worst, with our Forensic and Incident Response Assessment (FIRA). We conduct a review of your organization's current incident response capabilities, policies, procedures, and technical controls and logging policies. We identify gaps in your incident response process. Also, we give you recommendations for improvement, based on probability and impact. This assessment results in a written report, and is a great 'intake' for the Incident Response PRO service.

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Martijn Jonker

Incident Response Manager


Attackers don't keep to office hours. This service guarantees you that our Incident Response experts will be available to help you should you suffer a cyber attack.

How we can help you during an incident



What happened? What is the nature of the emergency? You need clarity on the what, when, how and where. This is why our experts first conduct a triage. The outcome of this triage determines the response and the urgency.



Most cyber incidents are caused by malware - more specifically: ransomware. During an incident, we want to prevent malware from spreading. What we do depends on the nature and scope of the incident. We often:

  • Disconnect or isolate affected systems or networks from the Internet or other networks
  • Block access to affected systems
  • Implement workarounds to mitigate the impact of the incident



As an incident evolves, we might discover new entry points that attackers can use or may have used. It is important to close these gaps. That's why we often repair vulnerabilities, install patches, reconfigure systems and change passwords.



We can then remove any malicious software, remote access tools, or code that caused the incident. The specific steps again depend on the nature of the incident. We can:

  • Run malware scans to identify and remove malicious software or code
  • Reset affected systems to ensure all malicious code has been removed
  • Delete any unauthorized user accounts
  • Monitor network activity to see if the criminal is still leaving traces



It is important to restore business operations as soon as possible. Steps we might take to this include:

  • Restoring backups to recover lost or damaged data
  • Reconfiguring affected systems to ensure they function properly
  • Testing and validating to ensure all systems are functioning properly
  • Monitoring systems and networks for signs of other incidents or attacks
  • Negotiating with cybercriminals - this is a last resort

Optional follow-up: Digital Forensics

After a cyber incident it is important to know what exactly happened. Not only to prevent it from happening again, but also because you might be initiating legal proceedings. We can help you perform so-called post-mortems on all kinds of systems and equipment, from laptops to phones. Because we are registered as a Private Investigation Bureau with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, our reports and documents can be used in legal proceedings.

Find out more about our Digital Forensic Services.



Incident Response PRO Brochure (ENG)

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