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VIPP Audits

The Acceleration Program for Information Exchange Patient and Professional (VIPP) aims for hospitals in The Netherlands to digitize in order to make healthcare safer, more patient-oriented and more efficient. This means that healthcare institutions can exchange information digitally with the patient in a standardized and secure manner.

Performed by Registered EDP auditors (REs) within the framework of the Assurance Engagement Framework in accordance with Guideline 3000.

Assurance Engagement Framework

Institutions for specialist medical care (with the exception of academic hospitals, are divided into the three target groups VIPP 1 = Hospitals, VIPP 2 = other institutions for specialist medical care and VIPP 3 = GGZ institutions).

The subsidy will enable institutions to make standardized patient data accessible, so that:

  • patients receive correct and complete information;
  • patients can share the information (or have them share) with other healthcare providers;
  • the way is open for further healthcare innovations in the field of ICT.

The VIPP assessments are performed by Registered EDP auditors (REs) within the framework of the Assurance Engagement Framework and therefore in accordance with Guideline 3000. The VIPP assessment results in a report with the auditor's opinion on the extent to which the hospital has met the requirements. This report serves as justification information for the subsidy applied for in accordance with the Decree establishing a policy framework for subsidies for the Acceleration Program for Information Exchange Patient and Professional.


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