Tabletop Cyber Crisis Management

Who are the first points of contact in case of a cyber incident? What are everyone's responsibilities? Practice Cyber Crisis Management in this Workshop.

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A cyber exercise is a good preparation

Do you know if your organization is well prepared for a cyberattack? Who are the first points of contact? What are everyone's responsibilities, and what can be expected from each other? How quickly can you intervene, and what are the follow-up steps?

Note: for industrial environments with Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control systems (ICS) we offer a special OT Tabletop Cyber Crisis Management Workshop.


Identify issues during the simulated incident



Collaborate within the team



Insight into different roles during a crisis



Secura helps large and medium sized organizations all over Europe raise their cyber resilience. We know the importance of practicing the management of a cyber crisis before it occurs.

You will discover how well your organization is prepared for handling a cyber attack. And on what point you can improve, like appointing a crisis team and updating procedures.




Kick-off meeting & collection of relevant documentation

During the preparation, Secura agrees with you on the final scope of the exercise, our approach, the planning, and the desired results. With your knowledge, we will collect the proper documents about the IT environment and the crisis infrastructure within the organization.


Crisis Training

Introduction to ransomware & crisis procedures

The ransomware tabletop begins with an introduction to the concept of ransomware. How does a ransomware attack work, and which parties are involved? What threat does it present to your organization? The second part of the training focuses on your organization's crisis process. It is the starting point of an interactive discussion about the extent to which these processes are up-to-date for a cyber incident within your organization.


Cyber Crisis Exercise

Supervising the exercise & identifying improvements

The final part of the tabletop is built around a simulated incident where the participants conduct a crisis consultation in two rounds. We confront the participants with a challenging but realistic cyber scenario to test mutual collaboration and coordination. We prepare the crisis exercise and provide simulated notifications during the exercise, supervision, and observation. During the exercise evaluation, we look at the possibilities to improve the crisis approach.



Evaluation in cooperation with the organization

After the tabletop exercise, Secura provides a memo of the observations made during the training and the exercise. This contains the learning lessons from the exercise and recommendations for the (cyber) crisis team that can be used to improve incident response and crisis management within your organization.

Download fact sheets


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Is your organization well prepared for a cyberattack? Be prepared with the Tabletop Cyber Crisis Management excercise.


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Dutch version.



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