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Making software secure is not easy. Secura’s Software Development Lifecycle (Secura SDLC) approach helps you to develop secure software in a way that fits your development process.

Developing software is a challenging task. Historically, teams used the linear waterfall approach a lot. Nowadays we see more iterative and cyclic approaches: agile, scrum, dev(sec)ops, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD).

Software is often less secure than we want because, by its nature, security is invisible. This makes it difficult to define our security expectations and apply the appropriate technical measures during development. Often we discover our security needs when it is too late or too expensive to repair: such as the result of a security test just before release. Or even worse: if someone successfully attacks our software.

We believe that making security visible throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) will give a clear picture of our security needs, and lets us make well-informed decisions on what to spend on software security, in line with other business objectives. Therefore we recommend to 'shift left': consider security earlier in the software development process, and throughout the SDL.

By shifting left, you are aware of the security risks of your software earlier. You can choose to ignore security (which makes sense at times), or you can choose to mitigate the risk earlier (which saves costs). In either case, you are better informed to make the right decision.

In many cases, a secure SDL program also increases the quality of the code in a number of other aspects, such as the readability and maintainability of the code.

How can Secura help?

Secura can help you with measuring and improving the security level within your software development organization by offering training & coaching of employees, partnering in defining or refining policies and procedures and providing tooling & services. All in line with your business needs and possibilities, saving costs and resulting in more secure code. While direct cost savings from the design phase may seem trivial, optimal operational continuity as well as preventing reputational damage could be of even greater importance to your organization ànd your stakeholders. Contact us today and be one step ahead!

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Secura Software Development Lifecycle SDL

Discover security risks within your software earlier in the software development life cycle by 'shifting left'.

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