Threat Modeling for Industrial Control Systems

Mapping potential cybersecurity risks in your OT systems - ICS and SCADA

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Threat Modeling for Industrial Control Systems

When securing industrial control systems, it is important to know from which perspective threats arise and how a system can be attacked.

Threat Modeling can be very useful to stay in control of cybersecurity, while still retaining the flexibility to improve and change. The big advantage of Secura's threat modeling is that the graphical representation of the (information flows within systems can be used to detect and prevent security errors more quickly.

Threat Modeling gives a complete picture of the threats and possible attack paths. These attack paths can subsequently be used for instance to create efficient test scenarios, design adjustments or to define additional mitigating measures. Next to the result, the threat modeling workshop is a great way to raise security awareness and collaboration. This allows you to execute concrete next steps in improving security.

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Mitigate security risks by identifying design flaws & potential threats and attack paths early on.



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